Future-forward custom skiworks.

Why Allred

Allred makes hand-crafted, custom skis for passionate winter athletes of all kinds.

We employ a simple yet deep process to understand each skier's personal preferences and physical needs in order to create a pair of skis unlike anything ever shredded before.

our skis

Inspired by the past,
hand-crafted for the future.

Every pair of Allred skis is made by hand in our Pleasant Grove, Utah workshop. We’ve worked hard to perfect our process and to formulate our unique combination of materials, allowing us to confidently provide a high-quality custom experience for skiers of all types and physical needs.

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Custom Graphic and Transparent Top Sheet
Top & Bottom Composite Layers
Sustainable Wood Core 
w/ REVTECH™ Strips
Natural Resin & VDS
Top Quality Steel Alloy Edge
High Performance Base


Locally Sourced Sustainable Timber

We utilize Beetle Kill Pine and diseased Aspen to reduce buildup of dead wood in the forests. Additionally, a natural resin layup forges a sustainable bond with superior strength and longevity.

REVTECH™ Shock Absorbent Layer

REVTECH™ Technology combines patented material science with unlimited design capabilities to provide unmatched impact and vibration protection, thereby reducing chatter for continuous performance down to -100°C.

Built for Each Body's Unique Needs

Physical therapy meets ski design with our bio-mechanical evaluation, which allows us to suggest strategies and ski features that reduce injury rate, optimizing your ski feel and ability.

Like Nothing Else

With Allred, you are involved with the custom design process from start to finish. From precision CNC routing of virtually any shape of ski, to printing your very own graphics, the possibilities are limitless.

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My love for skiing started when I was a young child. I remember skipping school with my family to ski, and the ultimate freedom I found effortlessly gliding across the snow. My life turned into a balance between chasing powder and everything else.

For 20 years I've been a physical therapist specializing in treating client conditions in an orthopedic setting. What started as a curiosity for combining my love of skiing and my knowledge of the human body, has now evolved into a passionate pursuit to help other skiers keep doing what they love in a fun, healthy, and sustainable way.

Allred is a company built with the purpose to create one-of-a-kind skiing experiences. Our approach is simple: old-school craftsmanship, paired with innovative techniques and materials for a pair of skis like nothing else out there.

Chad Allred
Owner & Ski craftsman